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theunfaded asked:
Pardon me, but you're fantastic.

Thanks, my dear.  You just made my evening! xxx

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Anonymous asked:
What are some book that are currently (or would be) on your reading list?

Well, I’m currently reading Orlando by Virginia Woolf, but I will admit that progress is slow going as of late.

I’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out.

Oh, wait….

blueadedas asked:
Hey You've got a tasteful collection here. Would be a darling and check out my page

Thanks very much! Lovely page - keep it up!


You have great taste in boobs.

High praise indeed coming from a connoisseur like yourself.

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii Tim! xx

krsenn asked:
Hello! :) I consider myself fortunate to have found your blog! After perusing the archive, and what-not, I consider your work to be stellar! Your appearance is commanding, in a mesmerizingly positive way, too. :) You have a striking resemblance to the young Catherine Bach (Daisy Duke). Best and brightest to you!

Thanks so much for the kind words and I am very happy to hear you enjoy the blog =)

No one’s ever pointed out this resemblance to me, but I always really enjoy hearing who people think I look like.  Also I’ve always had a serious thing for the Dukes of Hazzard, so double win.  How serious a thing?  Well, on my last trip to Nashville I may, or may not have, visited the Dukes of Hazzard museum…

Thanks again, lovely to hear from you!

M. xx

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