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visvim 2014 spring fbt sashiko
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Sara Blomqvist & Dorothea Barth Jorgensen for Styleby #24
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Anonymous asked:
I apologize for my invasion, but what exactly is it that you do? It seems like you're always on some sort of adventure and your perspective through your photography/reblogs is so refreshing.

No intrusion at all, and thanks v. much for your kind words.  I live in New York City and I work in fashion.  I’m the Brand Manager at Harvey Faircloth.  And I’m always in the hunt for my next adventure ;)

M. xx

Anonymous asked:
I was looking for something random on the internet and came across you on a road trip to Nashville. I used to visit your blog before you decided to spend efforts elsewhere. That is how I recognized you. I saw that you had on a new pair of L.L. Bean Bluchers. I am considering a pair for myself. Have your shoes stretched out badly?

Hi there! Happy to reconnect with you on Tumblr! Hope all is well. :)

As for my shoes, they’ve stretched out a bit as they’ve broken in, but nothing that the laces can’t handle.  Definitely still recommend.

M. xx

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Cy Twombly.
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